Sense Collective

Cybernetics, Design & Mental Modeling

Our Vision: Coordination of shared interests with individually maintained preferences and goals leading to large-scale collective action.

We build entangled webs of Art, Ecology, Technology, Identity, Serendipity, Opportunity, Security, Coordination, Cooperation, and Finance.

What is Sense Collective?

Sense Collective is an example of a new type of business model and organization design modality that leveredges emergent capabilities from various Blockchain and Smart Contract innovations to create novel and effective projects, services, and portfolio management systems.

The Vision

The future that you want is the reward at the end of a complex journey through a web of entangled ideas and the people whose lives are shaped by them. Who you are is your compass. Networks are your vehicle. Resilient networks value alignment based on who you are, not what you do.

Sense Collective is a sense and meaning making system of systems that allows you to create an explicit "Me" to pursue an explicit "Us" by laying the foundations for a network of aligned human and digital agents in a cybernetic framework which allow you to collect the necessary requisite variety of data, models, and connections needed to guide you.

Our innate human need for sense and meaning drives us to build the tools we need to create sense and meaning. It’s a very efficient and fundamental algorithm. The processes you create are the rituals that encode the narratives that give meaning. And these are the rituals we design, share, and improve together.

What better way to understand our context than to be able to trace our thoughts and our ideas back across our networks, or see them layed over each other to discern important patterns?

What better way to understand each other than to make meaning, sense, value, and values together?

However, as has become painfully clear of late, this quality makes us vulnerable to interference. Every time a person or agent places themselves in between us and our goals, to provide a service for example, they are disrupting the flow of sense and meaning-making and turning our intentions and specifications into profit and building complex machines that amplify and accelerate this process. This constant interruption of the flow of value (not just dollars but dollars and sense) has become a foundation on which a non-trivial part of our digital identities are built. There is no aspect of our lives that isn't impacted by digital commerce. Every source of meaning and pleasure is intercepted by agents who interrupt the flow of value for their own ends.

Sense Collective is by no means anti-commerce, however, we are building on the groundwork of brilliant minds like Douglas Engelbart, Ted Nelson, Gregory Pask, Donella Meadows, and Paul Pangaro, whose ideas on coordination, communication, networking and human machine interaction set the stage for creating systems that are not destructive or exploitative but adaptive and cumulative. The business model for this network of value and values looks more like a cooperative than a classic corporation. Its primary function is to facilitate the creation of meaning in service to resilience and sustainable best practices. Profit is a byproduct.

We are absolutly certain that these soon to emerge networks of value and values will prove to be much more flexible and adaptive to our real world needs in our fast unfolding post-industrial world.

We also make our own tools.

It’s not just about making tools, it’s also about how to think about making tools so you can make your own tools, and we can align our tooling with a shared set of principles, axioms, and meaning.

                Is the triangle whiter than the background?
Is the triangle whiter than the background?

We make Sense Making tools

Sense Collective's mission focuses on making the value of Blockchain, Decentralized Finance, and Web3 more accessible to non-technical people, and bringing technical expertise together with creative design thinking.

TOTEM Protocol / Identity; Specification of Preference and Intent

Totem Protocol acts as an interface and design layer between stakeholders and the blockchain data structures and network protocols that they wish to build upon to create custom integrations and conditional logic that anchors their self-sovereign identity as the canonical reference for personally effective logic.

Totem Protocol is a powerful primitive designed to increase the affordances and optionality that is available to anyone transacting or operating in both web3 and web2 ecosystems. Affordances dealing in the identification, auditing, attribution, attestation, and administration of various value accrual, identity, and information management practices.

Coherence is achieved at higher and higher degrees of complexity by raising the integrity of harmonic alignment such that all assumptions which are part of current analog and legacy social systems and social physics of our various relationships and agreements are given space to extend the meaning behind these terms, agreements and interactions. The exposition layer of Totem helps bring down the let downs of poorly understood partnerships or unfair collaboration and amplifies the benefits of cooperation.

Totems meta model specification environment recognizes that as humans we experience the world through subjective lenses, interpreting even the tiniest details of light refracting through our cornea into subjective object recognition patterns.

One need only scroll through any of the most popular optical or aural illusions to recognize just how illusive a stable reality is to build up through our various senses.

This is why we assert that the most essential affordances we must have in navigating an ever more complex world is the ability to make explicit the various models of reality that we depend on in our various market interactions and networks.

SETLIST Protocol / Finance Strategies & Portfolio Management

Setlist introduces the governance and financial interface design and ontology design protocols to guarantee the individual requirements, privacy, security, and encode the means to maintain ongoing audits of the coordination contracts, to make sure they are maintaining the conditional logic gates put in place by each stakeholder upon initiation.

Throughout all our lives, in various circular relationships between humans, machines, computers, and a myriad of proxy agents that we have delegated various forms of power and currency to in our ongoing pursuit of individual and collective goals and happiness. Totem Protocol & Setlist Protocol work together to provide the tools, and methods for anyone to become better at being an Entropy Effector.

In general, we use Totem Identity management data, primarily user-provided preferences and specifications and insights from across the web, to power Setlist’s conditional logic modeling and decision support protocols. Our strategy begins and ends with the exposition of the associated narrative conditions, the story of the stakeholders aggregate orientation to the macro market conditions, and immediate and long term effects of crypto markets.

The first Setlist #MVP is a demonstration, and it’s own validation that shows why Setlist is invaluable, even at it’s most limited use-case, as Jonny completes the automation of several trading strategies that he is deploying for Effector Finance.

Setlist Protocol acts as an optimization agency for realizing the ideal utilization of capital on behalf of individuals and businesses, groups and municipalities. Optimizing capital is hard enough for just one set of preferences and risk parameters. Hedge funds and family offices, banks and insurance providers, dedicate extraordinary resources to building the ideal strategies to meet the changing opportunities and risks of the moment. Alignment is reduced down to a fairly simple set of shared goals that put all investors in the same place.

Asahi is a portfolio management template and project/protocol assessment tool which is part of Sense Collective's Setlist Protocol. Setlist works together with Totem Protocol to augment human intelligence with decision support systems that deliver consistency in translating what investors say they want, what they actually want and the optimal path towards aligning these preferences with base reality on the ground. Provisioning the day to day implementation of Setlist is as much about complex modeling and technical analysis as it is about improving the stream of market information which ultimately determines the attention of investors and portfolio managers and other market agents.


Effector Finance is a testbed for systems that give you better control and awareness over risks, and tools to not just define your preferences and specifications but to make them explicit and conditional to the various ways you might part with some of your currency.

Effector Finance serves as both profit center and new venture investment research lab. Among the many important realizations that influence our design and development is how similar the problems can be for wildly different stakeholders and scenarios.

This spurred the creation of a suite of best-practices which should become a de-facto standard within DAO's, Treasury Management, NFT Communities, Token Sale Auctions, Liquidity Bootstrapping initiatives, play-to-earn NFT game launches and campaigns.

All of these have completely different user experiences, goals, requirements, expectations, and challenges, but they share a common expository framework, which can be teased out into more visible and legible intervention-points for the people who make up the value flow network.

Effector Finance Website Coming Soon!

MetaBrain / Narrative Design as Coherence Computing

MetaBrain is designed to compute knowledge for knowledge navigation. A bit of Aristotle's Four Causes, the Charrette Design Method, and inspired by “Purpose Engineering” : An Essay on “Practical Wisdom” and Innovation by Noboru Konno, and “The Glass Bead Game” by Hermann Hesse.


                      Do the squares have curved sides?
Do the squares have curved sides?

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